OFF THE RECORD review on some of todays headlines…

1. Minister Ranjit Patil needs help !!

Be ready for this Shivsena! Yesterday in the question answer hour, one question pertaining to inquiry of the road scam took a heavy toll on otherwise reticent Minister Ranjit Patil who couldn’t convince the House one bit in his reply.  Forget answering he was not able to control his own party MLA’s who were shooting questions to him form all corners. Either Ranjit Patil was not briefed properly or he seriously lacks communication skills. A pet of CM Fadnavis, Ranjit Patil needs to attend Chate (english & marathi also i guess) Speaking Classes with immediate effect. And yes, he acts like “Ghajini” too…He does not remember anyones names or faces, for heaven’s sake! Heard his staff has to regularly go to his cabin and remind him that they still work with him only, as once when the PA entered his cabin  for briefing, Patil asked him what work he had and where had he come from? hahaha..

2. My God! Apparently as per a Times of India report High Court yesterday rapped state government for a call made from Minister’s office in Mantralaya to the court receiver  asking him to not take possession of an illegal building. Apparently the call was made from the Guardian Minister’s PA. Now who is the Guardian Minister? Of course “land banker” and in literal sense who has opened a shop “delivery against cash” for any work in Thane–Mr. Eknath Shinde. Whose his PA who must have made the call? Apparently I don’t like this but this arrogant, corrupt & bogus PA shares my surname–Hate Brahmins for being like this !! 

3. OFF The Record–Vidhan Bhavan 

Yesterday just when the upper house got adjourned for the day, thought this was the best chance to meet newly elected MLC’s, but something else was in store which had to make it’s way in my review. Apparently, the main porch, otherwise always scarcely crowded, was filled with sea of people yesterday for about 20 minutes. Just next to Vidhan Bhavan’s main porch, is the place for our TV cameras. So thought the crowd must be for that. But that also was not the real reason. In middle of  the crowd stood a man whom everyone was listening too. He was in a jovial mood and spoke to every one who approached him. Yes, even to the journalists who have often asked him stupid questions. Such was the atmosphere that for a second Dhananjay Munde, LoP of the Upper House after finishing his byte to a channel, did not realise that the person who was standing next to him amongst the crowd was his estranged cousin Minister Pankaja Munde. These both Munde’s don’t see eye-to-eye. Such is STILL the charisma of one and only Narayan Rane. There were more than 3 to 4 Ministers who dared not to enter the premises without acknowledging Senior Rane. They say, Maharashtra politics is incomplete without this man from Sindhudurg. What aura!! As soon as Rane left, the place was back to the usual best–being scarcely populated–BTW we have named that place as Jitendra Ahwad Chowk–as always you will find him there with bunch of anti-brahmin (sicular) journalists, who by the way have Brahmin wives at home! 

PS-Senior Rane was also looking proud. Why? Because he was joined by son Nitesh –who single handedly won whole of Sindhudurg all by himself! Kudos !!!b

4. Bill for Balasaheb Thackrey Memorial 

Yesterday, late evening during the ongoing proceedings of the house came the bill for erecting memorial for late Balasaheb Thackrey. Surprisingly, leaving one MLA, none of the Sena Ministers nor 60 odd MLA’s were present in the lower house to welcome this giant move. Diwakar Raote, one of the senior most Sena leaders and my personal favourite was at mantralaya at that time. Yes! He works till late night! He immediately rushed to the Vidhan Bhavan and appreciated the kind gesture of the House and thanked the Speaker and the Chief Minister for passing the bill. But to tell you, not only for this incident, but many MLAs and even the Ministers avoid sitting in the House after 6pm. Hats off to couple of journalists who actually sit through the business of the house till it is concluded for the day, one of them being a young women from a leading channel. 

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