OFF THE RECORD review on some of todays headlines….

OFF THE RECORD review on some of todays headlines….

1. First things first…On the occasion of Marathi Divas today, here is wishing all the NON-MARATHI speaking people (people trying at homes with their maids, or a North Indian IAS Bureaucrat in Mantralaya, or a politician like Krupashankar Singh) who genuinely speak good Marathi. And for the one’s who speak Marathi at home, does your child speaks, reads and writes Marathi today with the same ease as you did? Time for retrospection…His inclination is more towards English, Spanish & French today. No Marathi kid wants to stay in India and speak in Marathi. Vadapav and Missal have become weekend food and everyday the diet is replaced by Pizza, Pasta & Burgers. Try & imbibe that “Marathi” culture in your children as still our political parties like Shivsena & MNS are betting themselves on “Marathi” votes in a cosmopolitan like Mumbai . If our children are not Marathi’s, who will vote for these parties next time? As “marathi” is the only card left with SS & MNS. 

2. Non-Marathis in BMC will ruin Mumbai: Sena 

My God! I read the front page of The Times of India today and was zapped with this comment coming from MP Sanjay Raut. Now, this is what I refer as to what is termed a U-Turn. At first in the press conference held right after the BMC results, party chief Uddhav Thackrey mentioned that he was so happy to win his first seat in Behrampada…In a Muslim ward, a Muslim candidate on Sena’s ticket won. So in a way, are you back-stabbing your own party elected corporator’s now with this statement of yours? Thank God , none of the Gujrati’s chosen and welcomed by your party won–but it was you, your party chief and your newspaper “Samna” that was going ga-ga over newly acquired Gujrati & Marwari friends. Youth scion Aaditya Thackrey was lunching with all Gujju’s and Marwari’s at Hotels and building his base. Isn’t this statement an insult to these businessmen Mr. Sanjay Raut? Basically you wanted to USE all these Non-Maharashtrians like Condom’s–hope they understand this…You want to get books published by them, use them for prachaar/rallies, use their monies in building your castles, and now if they haven’t won, they will be kicked outside the party on their back side. Wah re Shiv Sena!!! Yes, when you say that Non-Marathi’s in the BMC will ruin Mumbai, you are 100% correct–but after using them for everything, you cannot claim this. 

3. Sharad Pawar indicates support to Sena in BMC 

I think this dialogue from Rowdy Rathore was only written for Sharad Pawar but was put in Akshay Kumar’s mouth—जो मैं बोलता हूँ, वो मैं नहीं करता हूँ, और जो मैं नहीं  बोलता हूँ, वह मैं  डेफिनेटली करता हूँ–That’s it!! It is so apt to describe Pawar. 

4. Public Eye of ToI, Raag-Darbari of Mid-day & editorial by Vijay Darda & Yadu Joshi in Lokmat 

Just made my mind clear. Public Eye written by ‘retired’ journalist Prafulla Marpakwar appearing every Monday in The Times of India is not a translated piece from various Marathi papers. It is the synopsis of entire happenings of the week but for the ENGLISH readers who are interested in State Political news. By the way read Mid-Day’s Raag Darbaari today. How a Nagpurkar turned around things in Mumbai is well explained By Dharmendra Jore. Marathi daily Lokmat’s boss Vijay Darda is leaving no stone unturned to impress BJP every day…Just to remind you people, he is with Congress party since years. Vijay babu, please don’t fool people so much…we know how emotional your relations with Devendra Fadnavis are Gadkari are! They will do anything to save you from going to Jail (Coal scam) But these type of articles from you and your reporters only clear by doubt.–सब कुछ बिकता है…and one more dialogue-“-जब आपकी लगे फटने, खैरात लगे बटने”  Yadu Joshi is also not far behind– once again it is proved how close he is to CM Fadnavis. In his column in Lokmat today he has straight away gone ahead and “dictated” some terms to CM Fadnavis as to what he should be doing now in Mumbai after the BMC success…Wah!! Journalism & dictating terms… And he is no bureau-chief or an editor to do so..he is a common reporter (special correspondent) in Lokmat. This is what irritates me. A common reporter cannot dictate terms to the CM. I feel the only thing left now for our journalists of every newspaper, except Samna, is to bend their knees and formally hand over themselves to the CM. 

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