OFF THE RECORD review on some of todays headlines….

OFF THE RECORD review on some of today’s headlines…

1. CP’s diet tip: No vada pav & samosa for Mumbai cops

Commissioner of Mumbai Police has asked the cops to avoid junk. But sir, those who work for nearly 15 hours everyday and without taking off’s for weeks together, who will take the pain to deliver fish foods on to the streets or at police station? Not practical and also expensive. 80% of the cops hail from Sangli district, so majority of their families stay at villages, and even if they located to Mumbai the costs to live in Mumbai makes them impossible to eat the “right” and “correct” food. Also, something or the other keeps happening in Mumbai every now & then. Now the craze of rallies is the flavour of the season. So will they control the crowd or hunt for food joints or eat the correct foods. Also the junk is pocket friendly & can be eaten whilst they are on the move. 

2. My father Journalist Hemant Joshi’s blog on the following subject. Please click the link below.

 डॉ. “लहाने” त्यांचे “मोठे” कारनामे !!–पत्रकार हेमंत जोशी

3. Sate okays revised cost of Rs. 700 cr for irrigation project. 

Does a paper like TOI needs to be updated about the relations between Girish Mahajan & CM Fadnavis? Mahajan is CM’s blue-eyed boy from the day Khadse was dethroned from his cabinet post.  Also, a paper like Times needs to understand whom to approach for quotes. In this story yet again, spokesperson Nawab Malik of the NCP  has been quoted. He has zero impression on the CM or any of the Ministers in the government. Spokesperson should be such that his intelligence & views should shake the daylights out of the government. For e.g. Madhav Bhandari from the BJP or just see how MLC Anant Gadgil from Congress speak. Government has to pay attention on what they say; they are always to the point and have references as old as their parties when they talk. It creates an impression.Time for NCP to also bring in more aggressive spokesperson, as NAwabbhai is getting old & does not command any respect in political circle. How about the responsibility given to either firebrand Mahesh Tapase or MLC Hemant Takle? 

4 “We don’t know who is Sanjay Manjrekar”? Sandeep Deshpande MNS

Haha..with millions of followers on Twitter, an able commentator, & a former cricketer Sanjay Manjrekar is a well known figure in the world.  I don’t understand this strategy of MNS. Is no one allowed to comment/tweet against MNS or what? On one side you protect Marathi manus and on the other, you give non-sensible comments like the above. Manjrekar tweeted the fact yesterday. His subject was a bit sensitive, which he could have avoided to speak I feel, but  what’s wrong in giving opinion ? Tomorrow you will ask, who is Bala Nandgaonkar? By the way, where is Bala? 

5. Shivsena opposes demolition in Behrampada 

Didn’t I write couple of days ago as to how Sena is also involved in protecting slum dwellers & in a way promoting illegal constructions? Road Scam is one, the day Shelar puts his hands in exposing Sena’s illegal construction mafia, it will be a sight to see. Again i’m stressing the fact, instead of doing stories on playgrounds & RG’s, Mumbai Mirror should concentrate on illegalities in and around Collector office at Bandra East & subsequently Government Colony for a day. The impact will be much higher. 

6. “मुख्यमंत्रीच पक्षामध्ये गुंडांचे स्वागत करतात” अजित पवार 

“आमच्या महापालिकांमध्ये भ्रष्टाचार नाही” अजित पवार 

Ajit dada,  I shall name NCP’s few people whom are actually elected representatives of our state & then you make the judgement.  I am not siding BJP but please if you could do a cross check on the backgrounds of Pappu Kalani, Gilbert Mendonsa, Bhaskar Jadhav, Sandeep Bajoria to Ganesh Naik, you will have to swallow your words back. Who promotes mafia is a well known fact amongst everyone. 

In regard to your other statement about Municipalities , why you forget Shikhar Pardeshi, now in the PMO, is a very dear friend of many journalists and often he tells us stories when he was the Commissioner at Pimpri Chinchwad…lets keep it OFF THE RECORD. 

7. काही करंटे महापालिकेच्या कामावर टीका करतात हा त्यांचा आंधळेपणा -उद्धव ठाकरे 

“करंटे” व “अंधळेपणा” is not we are used to hear from a Sainik,  Uddhavji…Where is the fire? Where are the cuss words used by Balasaheb for Narayan rane or Bhujbal in his speeches?  Uddhavji, for us commoners, Shivsena means fire, aggression & no mincing of words party. We all know that you are the sophisticated leader of SS, but sir than “mute” Subhash Desai and Manohar Joshi are there, right? Let these guys be nice, but in my views, you should be as suave as Balasaheb & aggressive at the same time.  Raj Thackrey is an excellent orator and most of the time his speeches leave a mark on supporters, as he is known to be fiery. We see more of Balasaheb’s shadow in him, even if you are more capable & a winner all the way!

8. मुंढेंविरुद्ध अविश्वासासाठी राजकीय हालचालींना वेग 

Tukaram Munde, don’t worry! Some days ago, people here in the BMC also sought to this tactic against Commissioner Ajoy Mehta…How it died “natural ” death here, it will be the same there as well. Keep some connections & money at hand.

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