OFF THE RECORD review on some of todays headlines…

OFF THE RECORD review on some of todays headlines…

1. CM Fadnavis farmer loan waiver statement in the House. 

CM Fadnavis was absolutely right in every word he spoke yesterday. I feel even SBI chairman Arundhati Bhattacharya was right when she said that Loan waiver will turn in into one bad habit of lifetime for farmers, which will be dangerous for the economy.  Did Demonetisation stop Corruption?Will the farmer suicides stop after loan waiver? No, Never!! And, once back in 2009, this formula was adopted by then Cong & NCP. What was the result? Boss, nothing will stop farmer suicides. One time the reason is loan waiver the other time they will blame the climatic conditions for no-progress of Maharashtra’s agriculture sector . If MLA’s think, shouting in the House & getting loans waived was the solution to stop suicides of farmers, please, we are fooling everyone including the farmer. I ask every MLA who was in the well yesterday, with all honesty how many of you all have actually climbed the Mantralaya steps for a farmer of your constituency? You expect an ELITE Ajit Pawar Or Prithviraj Chavan (Happy Birthday PC sir) to carry a recommendation to the energy department to  for non-working of a meter of a farmer of their constituency? haha…I mean are you dreaming??? The leaders/MLA’s /Ministers of Marathwada & Vidharbha lack the basic moral responsibility & the will to help farmers, is what I have concluded. They just concentrate on how party leaders will be happy & how does the money come in via back door…..Farmers on the other hand, are the sufferers. If not the  government than untimely rains, hailstorms, draught are there to worsen their woes time & again. My opinion–CORPORATISATION of farmers & agriculture department along with STRONG POLITICAL WILL  shall be the mantra. NO loans to be waived. 

2. Uddhav Thackrey strikes a chord with a Muslim singer from Assam  

First Gujarati’s & now Muslim’s…wah Uddhav Thackrey is truly the next gen Shiv-Sainik. Tomorrow he might just announce at Shivaji park that Shivsena was never against Muslims. As per a story in Mid-day today, Uddhav Thackrey has extended an olive branch for a Muslim singer Nahid Afrin against whom a Mullah had issued a fatwa. Uddhav has already labelled them anti-nationals, by the way and is supporting the singing sensation! I’m not surprised when everyone in Shivsena at least once in last 4 years has said either to someone or to themselves, Boss, Shivsena was very different when Balasaheb was there…Do I need to write more? (P.S.–I’m not a casteist journo–my point of view is purely based on thinking of any party–hope you guys remember Shivsena has only one agenda–HINDUTVA) 

3. Parrikar CM of Goa 

I just pray Parrikar should not become the next Prithviraj Chavan. But tell me , Parrikar in all senses, the next apt successor of PM Modi, hasn’t he just restricted his career to a state now? I was so sure, if anytime Modi will be replaced/or he gets retired in BJP, it had to be Parrikar who could fill in his shoes. Today look what Prithviraj Chavan has done to himself. A blue eyed boy in the PMO, close to high command, is now merely an MLA…Those who have worked in the Centre will never find it “levelling” to work in the state. 

4. Gadkari the kingmaker in Goa 

Yesterday’s press conference of Gadkari was a tell-out secret as to how BJP conquered Goa. May I request hon’ble Gadkari if he has so much of love for a neighbouring state that he had to be awake throughout the night (Read Loksatta) for coming to power, we just require his 8 hours in the day time to solve the current issue between Shivsena & the BJP here in Maharashtra. Also merely 8 hours next day to put PWD back to it’s feet and merely 2 hours to straighten Pankaja Munde oops..sorry her department Rural Development…so that we can end all the worries of Maharashtra…

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