OFF THE RECORD review on some of today’s headlines

OFF THE RECORD review on some of today’s headlines/Vikrant Joshi (


1. “I was very bad at Cricket”–Sushant Singh Rajput– HT Cafe

Thank God, Neeraj Pandey came to your rescue & offered MS DHONI to you, else you would have said that about movies as well! Do you remember  Shuddh Desi Romance, PK & Detective Byomkesh Bakshy? Again thank Neeraj Pandey…please!!

2. “Acting happened by chance”–Prabhudeva –HT Cafe

Sir, with all due respect, thank God you took a wise decision to get into Direction, else even I was dreaming of becoming an actor. 

3. “I’m not a celebrity” –TV actor Rajat Tokas–HT Cafe

Who is Rajat Tokas? haha…never heard of him from TV friends also…

4.  Dhoni wasn’t involved with the script of his biopic- Neeraj Pandey–Bombay Times

Then either you will lie to us in form of depicting a biography or else you are lying to this reporter who interviewed you.

5. Your bumpy ride (in Mumbai) not juts BMC’s fault–Hindustan Times

Couple of days ago, when BMC Commissioner Ajoy Mehta said this, no one understood the gravity of this solution offered by Mehta. But in actual, one single window or centralisation of Mumbai’s infrastructure is the answer to our city’s problems. But again, the whole of BMC’s staff along with the party ruling it should be changed every 5 years compulsorily.

6. OBC’s, Muslims look to counter Maratha push for reservation–Hindustan Times

I guess now every caste in Maharastra is in the race of begging reservation. Yesterday a FB friend had posted, How can a nation call itself ” a developed nation” when the people itself are holding rallies to demand reservation for their caste’s and hell bent on calling themselves mibority? Also I guess now only Brahmin’s are remaining to hold rallies. But don’t worry friends, they are scared, get intimidated, and are very orthodox & religious to do so, but at the same time they are brainy and will find some or the other way to sustain.   

7. इस्टेट एजन्ट गृहनिर्माण कायद्याच्या कचाट्यात ! लोकसत्ता 

Knight Frank, Cushman & Weigfield and plus the 1000’s of small time estate agents, time for you to pay the taxes! Enough of earning commission’s in black. 

8. विरार ते दहिसर सर्वाधिक प्रवासी — मटा 

Yes, of course, please shift all the offices out of Nariman Point & BKCs to Navi Mumbai. We will help to reduce the burden on the railways. We will leave Mumbai!!!! Create alternative infrastructure please!!!!

9. व्यंगचित्राचा वाद पेटवण्यामागे समाजकंटकांचा हात–सामना 

Haha..The best part is the cartoon is made by a “Deshpande” and the editor of that page is a “Joshi”

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