OFF THE RECORD review on some of the headlines…

OFF THE RECORD review on some of the headlines…

Kaun hai Woh? 

The current talk of the town…Who is the senior-most lady IPS officer who wanted to topple the MVA government? Home Minister Anil Deshmukh’s interview to Lokmat has created ripples in the IPS lobby. Oh, was this the reason this senior most decorated lady officer, once in the race to become Mumbai Commissioner too, given a side posting in the reshuffle? What’s wrong with State’s “intelligence”? I just gave you a hint, did you get the name?….if not, you are’t ‘intelligent’ enough ūüėČ  But my ‘intelligence’ questioned, Does Devendra Fadnavis or the BJP require help of 2 to 3 IPS officers to topple this government? My ‘intelligence’ says a big NO.

Arrey, one more breaking from the IPS lobby. Do you remember the famous land grabbing case of 2017 wherein Romell Housing LLP had tried to grab a pime plot of 16 acres at Dahisar Check-naka worth Rs. 60 crores? It was in news then. Then CP, Barve, had suspended 4 police officers after finding out that his own departments people were hand-in-glove with the culprits. High Court had even slammed the police for their ‘high-handness’…Doesn’t ring the bell? Then Google it. Anyway, after suspending 4 cops, CP Barve had also written to the Home Department to initiate action on this entire episode. By the way, news is, & no one has reported this, Home Department has found one senior IPS officer guilty for supporting the land grab & HM Anil Deshmukh has given orders to prosecute this officer.

Not prosecuted, But then on finding out this matter, MVA government had to do something, what did they do? They ripped this IPS officer off his cream posting. Really Hats off to this MVA government. No other government had the audacity to touch this ‘high profile’ IPS officer–but this time, he has not only been touched, but he has been heckled, pushed and shoved! Credit entirely goes to Sharad Pawar, CM Uddhav Thackeray & HM Anil Deshmukh. By the way, don’t know about other departments, I don’t know any police officer bad mouthing this government. Reason–the recent transfers! It was done purely on merit. Some of them were here & there (& we totally understand) but 90% were more than satisfactory; including that of SP’s. Out of 5 JT CP’s & 4 Additional CP’s of Mumbai–in the Devendra Fadnavis government, only 1 was Marathi out of 9, but in the Shivsena-NCP-Congress government, 7 babus are Marathi’s. 

Talking of writing to the Home Department, another IPS Sanjay Pandey has written a very dangerous & damaging report on his findings of a particular case . His sole target was again the same IPS officer mentioned above in the land grab case. But now, just that the report shouldn’t see the light, I have heard an ex CS, a PA to CM, and a senior most IAS officer had called Sanjay Pandey and pressurized him to not reveal anyone’s identity in his report. Sanjay Pandey being himself, he went ahead and not only named that officer but he has also put  names of the ones who were ‘pressurizing’ him, with phone numbers they used for calling him and he claims to have recordings of the calls too….  

By the way, just for information, Atulchandra Kulkarni is at the top to replace Deven Bharti as the new ATS chief.

Maan Gaye Sachin Sawant

A week ago via phone calls, every Congress spokespersons in the Maharashtra were strictly given instructions to NOT participate in any kind of  debate or release any statement neither on Kangana_Sena war nor on the Sushant Singh Rajput case by the AICC. But Sachin Sawant, the fiery spokesperson from Mumbai, did participate in debates on Marathi channels and not caring one bit for his party’s diktat, he fought for what he thought was the right thing to do. He continued to send loud tweets and defending his state against attacks of Kangana. At the end, why to keep silence nah? NCP is avoiding to utter a single word, but Sachin Sawant is the lone fighter from the MVA government to take Kangana head-on, despite AICC’s diktat.  

Now, heard CM Uddhav Thackeray has given a contract to build his image in the social media circuit and fight the ‘bhakts’. And the contract is worth 5.41 crores. People hammered this ‘tender’ of the government on social media that when the government has no money and is paying it’s own employees salaries in installments, why is image building expenditure necessary? Devang Dave, National Convener at BJYM IT & Social Media, who unearthed this, says it is absolutely criminal waste of money especially in times when government employees salaries are paid in installments, not enough is spent to deal with Covid in Maharashtra, this kind of expense is not justified at all.

Last but not the least, seeing Tukaram Mundhe grabbing headlines, it makes me wonder has he come to serve public or is he more interested in PR and photo sessions and his own brand building? And those who think he does a wonderful job, talk to the authorities, MLA’s at the corporation he serves. I know only two more people who want to be in limelight at any cost. One is Kirit “Fottoyaa”, sorry Somayya and the other one is Supriya Sule. Supriya does not even leave one opportunity to have a selfie with anyone who visits her. Anyways, those who thought Nagpur send off of Tukaram Mundhe was out of own public’s own will & interest, FYI and what I’m told, it was a paid ‘event’ of Congress’s local corporator from Nagpur who is a “camcha” of Sunil Kedar. 

Vikrant Hemant Joshi  

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