OFF THE RECORD review on some of the headlines…

OFF THE RECORD review on some of the headlines…

1. CM’s PS Rajurkar looses chance to become IAS, thanks to….

How certain negative senior bureaucrats have stalled growth of Maharashtra and how it affects moral of officers wanting to work can be understood from the following incident. Right from Vilasrao Deshmukh to Ashok Chavan to current CM Devendra Fadnavis many Private Secretaries working under the CM’s have been promoted to IAS, we all know. People who did not deserve too, became promotee’s. Under this CM too, Kailash Bilonikar, Borikar, Kailash Shinde, Rajesh Narvekar got a chance and they all became IAS. It happens only when the CM recommends them strongly. The panel who decides this are 3 members from the UPSC and 3 members of senior state bureaucrats. This time the panel consisted of Chief Secretary D.K. Jain, ACS Finance UPS Madan and GAD’s Sitaram Kunte. Like previous times too, CM did call all three bureaucrats and gave them instructions to induct and make sure Dilip Rajurkar gets the nomination of becoming IAS. But of 3, someone played mischief and Rajurkar did not get nominated, even after CM’s instructions. SO who went against CM’s wishes? He is the same bureaucrat who falls under the “not happy” with the government category. You decide who played the dirty game…

2. Who is that IAS going abroad for almost 8 months? 

Alright this one, takes the cake today. This bureaucrat (IAS) under Minister Chandrashekhar  Bawankule’s portfolio has applied for 8 months leave to go abroad for personal reasons. It is said a huge amount of “Havala” money has been planned to transfer to the US account ( his ill gotten wealth) where many of his friends/relatives stay. All eyes are on the GAD, if they approve this leave or not..If the leave is approved you know whom to blame now….and if the leave is granted the energy department will be in a fix as the position which the bureaucrat is holding is of extreme importance and no other “mali” can take care of the garden like him….Time for the CMO and the ACB to look into this….

3. Uddhav Thackrey’s security beefed up but why? 

We all know Uddhav Thackrey was given Z+ security in April 2018. Son Aditya was given Y+, Wife Rashmi and younger son Tejas were given Y security accordingly. The reason for this is IB’s report and letter written by 2 MPs of Sena to the concerned…It says the way PM Modi & CM Fadnavis have threat from the Naxalites, similarly Sena Chief Uddhav Thackrey have a threat from a HUMAN BOMB originating from the North of India. Not many are aware of this, but am sure, CM Fadnavis and the home department will leave no stone unturned to protect the most respected family of our state. 

Vikrant Hemant Joshi 

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