1. Wow…has anyone heard about a building named Newmac Heights? Well to begin with it, this building is being constructed in prime location at Vile Parle East of Mumbai. If gossip mongers from Parle are to be believed, entire building is bloody ILLEGAL. The office on the first floor is also illegal. Heard there is a parking on each floor, yes each floor. Now, the people who have bought the flats in this illegal building are converting their parkings into their living rooms. Remember Kutchi Builder Pappu Satra who had done something similar to this in JUHU and was jailed. Pappu is out on bail and yet not paid his dues to the government, Anyways, in Newmac Heights, it doesn’t end here. Best part is majority of the flat owners are BMC guesses how were the permissions granted, correct? I ‘m on the look out for the silent partner in this game. 

2. Our very own Suryavanshi Madam is the new Resident Collector at Thane. Someone has to thank Manukumar Shrivastav for this. After knowing what all goes in transfer’s in the Revenue Department CM Fadnavis and Minister Khadse had constituted a committee comprising of senior bureaucrats. If sources are to be believed, Khadse was dead against Suryavanshi Madam to go to Thane under Ashwini Joshi. But why did Manukumar in the meeting put his foot down for this transfer and for which bureaucrat, remains a mystery.

3. Thane Collector Ashwini Joshi is fighting lone battle against sand mafia and illegal constructions in Thane. Rumour has it that a MP from BJP having a cricketing legend name will soon be in trouble. Already CM has given his approval to keep him under vigilance.

4. The person to watch out for in Eknath Khadse’s staff is Manoj Choudhari. Last heard, he is the one who is called shots in the Excise Department. Indise, is also unaware of many developments, leave apart the Minister. Also the Superintendent Inspector Chaskar is said to be a man on mission. Just visit Old Custom House where Chaskar sit’s and you will find people selling Taadi to Taj Hotel officers complaining about Chaskar.

5. Who takes all major decision in regard to many affairs related to the Transport Department? No not Minister Diwakar Raote alone, neither his upright Commissioner Sethia madam, nor even Minister’s PS Tungar, but it is a retired Dy. RTO Commissioner Shri L Khade who wins the cake.

6. Why did Journalist Yadu Joshi from Lokmat try to paint a sorry piture of Marathi actor Makrand Anaspure ? Last heard Anaspure is trying to grab a prime plot in his wife’s hometown Guhaghar and build a sea facing bungalow, breaking all rules of CRZ and whatnot. Wonder Nana Patekar is aware of his so called “social” partner Anaspure and his bogus intentions. 

7. Back to my friend Bhargav Patel, BJP Mumbai Cell President for Gujrati’s. Now some Killawala a relative of MLA Ambressh Patel and ex-minister is know to be an upright man. He has organised Dandiya’s at the popular JVPD ground, Juhu, Mumbai. Apparently, the ground is declared a “SILENT ZONE” by the Corporation as one school, college and a hospital are located from the ground at stone throw distance. Local Juhu Police Station say, we had cancelled the permission. Then I saw the passes issued by these Navratri organisers. It had Bhargav Patel’s picture on it…Mind you before the angiopolasty one!! So no hard guesses how the permission was sorted from a top Joint CP. Last heard some Congress Gujju guy is also behind Bhargav Patel.  But apna lady charmer Patel is way too ahead int he race. He is showing people orders from the High Court which allowed Navratri to be conducted for 2014. Bhargav ji, please publish a copy for this year….

8. Shivsena will not do anything silly at this moment. They are waiting for KDMC results and then will accordingly take decision. Most probably they will not come out of Government. So the rumour has died it’s natural death when someone from Media planted stories of ministers being asked to resign. Sanjay Pawar oops..sorry… Raut needs to just consult Matoshree before he writes or speaks, said one of Shivsena’s eminent leaders. 

9. CIDCO has now become a working joint. Yes. Sanjay Bhatia and V Radha have installed feelings of “deshbhakti” in the otherwise corrupt CIDCO officials. Now if you visit CIDCO anytime you can get your work done without any prejudice in your mind. People are actually scared of asking for bribes. Kudos you IAS people.

10. If one Adarsh building has claimed Maharashtra’s Ex-CM Ashok Chavan’s post, then God alone knows what will happen when our “story breaking” journalist’s (TV claimants) who claim to break Adarsh Scandal, will visit Navi Mumbai? 90% of the buildings on Palm Beach Road are illegal there. They are not even registered properly. 

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