Maharashtra BJP 2.0

Maharashtra BJP 2.0

What goes wrong with Maharashtra BJP? Why at so many times we just think, now the MVA Government is in trouble, now it will fall, we media get the dates too- but Uddhav Thackeray government survives. If Cm Uddhav Thackeray and Sharad Pawar often bail out the Government of the tricky situation, I feel many times the BJP in Maharashtra gets weak in follow-ups and handling of the situation correctly. Everyone and everything in the Maharashtra BJP depend on Devendra Fadnavis. But alone captain, cannot win you matches. Somewhere there is a correction needed in the BJP cadre here in Maharashtra, I feel. Some leaders need to be rejuvenated, shaken and some need to be given posts from where they can actually take the calls and reduce burden on lone shoulders of Fadnavis.

Maharashtra should have more aggressive BJP leaders captained by Devendra Fadnavis. Somewhere I feel Chandrakantdada Patil lacks that aggression required in state chief. His passion, his RSS background somewhere does not appeal to me or does not come across as power hungry leader. Same for Builder Mangal Prabhat Lodha as Mumbai chief. BJP does not require typical subtle or ‘over matured’ leaders.

If the situation arises, my vote will be for Narayan Rane as BJP Maharashtra State President. Rane alone can challenge the might of NCP, Sena & Congress everywhere. He has the resources, is Maratha, a mass leader, an excellent administrator having command over bureaucracy & knows how to get the work done.

MLA’s Ameet Satam or Atul Bhatkalkar for Mumbai BJP chief post in my books! Both are excellent in terms of building ‘sanghatna’ in Mumbai and are well studied with all the laws & lacuna’s when it comes to the BMC, SRA, Mhada and so many other issues related to a metropolitan like Mumbai. Both are excellent orators, well studied & aggressive. How many issues has Lodha raised in last one year? Also, MLA Adv. Parag Alvani should be seconding the Mumbai Chief. He is an excellent strategist along with man-management skills. All these 3 leaders I mentioned for Mumbai Chief post along with mentoring of Ashish Shelar will be gold mine for Fadnavis in the upcoming BMC elections.  Only condition is–stopping those internal ego trips and work as one…. biggest problem of the BJP. Leave the talking part for people like Kirit Somaiyya. He is excellent in that, the way he gets behind one’s life, if he decides, he makes it a living hell. Imagine, he was the one who had asked Thackeray to declare his property well before he had become the CM… haha…who else could have done that?

People like Nilesh Rane and Nitesh Rane should be 1000% given additional responsibilities. No one takes on Thackeray family the way these brothers do. They have the guts, the right information and the correct mechanism to deal with muscle power also, if Sena or anyone resorts to that! Imagine, Sena sending 5 people to any BJP person’s house for raising an issue against any Sena Minister… No one would be a match, in fact none of the BJP original leaders are of that cut. Fire v/s fire. It is only Rane’s who have it, I feel. Leaders like Lodha, Kambhoj, Parag Shah, Manoj Kotak should also do the fund management of the party, managing the finances–along with other responsibilities given to them. Then leaders like Mohit Bhartiya, Avadhoot Wagh, Manisha Choudhari, Chitra Wagh, Madhav Bhandari, Pankaja Munde, Sanjay Kute, Chandrashekhar Bawankule, Rajendra Patni, Ganesh Naik, Sudhir Mungantiwar, Vishwas Pathak & so many like these have to be given that confidence, I feel…. All these people are doers…They should be told, It’s OK we aren’t in power, but we have to work now…. Many of them have lost the confidence & the ‘will’ to come in power. I guess that’s what Amit Shah & PM have observed too.

Understand, Darekar & Lad were brought in by Fadnavis for a purpose.  MVA Government has a lot of big & टगे leaders, these ‘imported’ leaders (many term them as favourites of Fadnavis currently) are required to ‘balance the equation’ as they say. Don’t think beyond that. What a Darekar & a Prasad Lad can do, no one can do that for Fadnavis, believe me when I say that. In Thane, Kelkar & Niranjan Davkhare somewhere are lacking as they have huge competition in leaders like Eknath Shinde, Jitendra Awhad & Pratap Sarnaik. Western Maharashtra needs attention too.

The youth wing needs to be very very aggressive, just like the Yuva Sena or NCP youth wing. Why can’t BJP Youth leaders do ‘something’ when Fadnavis’s cartoons are made or the party heads like the PM is called names or made fun of? Sena is in power hence the aggression is tamed, but try and call names to CM or Aaditya in normal times…You will be dealt differently. Yuva means aggression… These people should see the work of Satyajit Tambe of Congress or refer the work of Uday Samant or Mahesh Tapase when they were NCP youth chief. Refer to the work of RR Patil when he was State President.

As said, BJP has everything like everybody, in fact more than anybody as they have support of the Centre & the RSS … (even though many of them are imports …) What goes wrong, time to introspect for the BJP management of Maharashtra. And yes, finally, we need Nitin Gadkari to step in and help Fadnavis build a stronger BJP. Imagine, if they do as what I have mentioned, BJP will be unbelievable and unstoppable till the time they are in Opposition.

Vikrant Hemant Joshi 

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