Maggi's Double Standards….

Maggi’s double standards…

So as am back from my summer vacations, the newest controversy that gripped our otherwise ideal nation, was the Maggi controversy. I was zapped on learning that the actors who promoted this brand of Nestle, are summoned. It’s time that I need some logical answers to this…

1. If Amitabh Bachchan, Priety Zinta and Madhuri Dixit are summoned by our authorities, then I feel another young talent Ranveer Singh who is promoting a Condom Brand needs to be behind bars!! Who has guaranteed a Condom’s performance? Tomorrow God forbid, if your wife or girlfriend conceives, (after wearing that Condom), Ranveer Singh needs to be questioned folks!! It is not your p***s size, but surely the brand he promoted fooled you, isn’t it? How on earth Sr. Bachchan, Dixit and Zinta are responsible for Maggie goofup? Did they anytime say in the advertisement, that this product contains ZYZee products, please use them, fall ill and we will yet promote it. No! Never did I hear them say that in that advert….I’m of the opinion that celebrities must observe caution whilst endorsing a brand, like a cigarette or a pan masala, but who on earth knew what were Nestle’s intentions?

2. O…k if these actors are to be summoned, I also need the Media who telecast these advertisements in print and on TV,  to be a party to this. More than these celebrities, aren’t these people also responsible for the same? Who is #Arnab to question Madhuri, when Times itself has fooled the BMC for years on their rentals.

3. Who is Arvind Kejriwal to summon Nestle authorities in front of his Delhi cabinet? The only decision in Maggies case can be taken by Commissioner of FASSAI. Where is the democracy? As per the FASSAI act, the Commissioner who sits in New Delhi will have to act as per Chapter 2 of Section 16 and Chapter 3 Section 18 and then accordingly these guys can be punished. By the way, why was Dr Harshvardhan who was the public health Minister shunted by the NAMO government?

4. If Nestle is wrong, why are others left? ITC and foreign insta packet noodles should be checked now.

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