IAS transfers an eye wash !

40 IAS officers in Maharashtra got
their transfer orders today. They were not transferred but only the
roles have been interchanged, claim senior political analyst. The system
is such that whosoever comes on that particular seat has just to take
the legacy ahead.

 As per their views, Devendra Fadnavis led government
will cause more damage to the system then the Congress NCP led
government. Some posts that were vacant for many years were filled with people
who are facing major departmental inquiries or are in the Anti
Corruption Net. Important departments like the Urban Department, Mhada
and SRA are being headed now with so called racketeers. These officers
have amassed wealth by either selling their wives hand made paintings,
some invest in their sisters name and some of them had a conterversial
past whilst leading the Nagpur Corporation. One of the leading IAS
officer is often found in an intoxicated state and she has had a tough
three month tenure when the officer was headed by a minister from NCP
and that too from Thane. BEST will breathe a huge sigh of relief as it’s
chairman is shunted out who was in the news for granting advertisement
billboards all acorss mumbai to his wife’s best friend husband, as a
token of their friendship at a very meagre cost. As they say, faces
never change, just the masks do…all the best Devendra Fadnavis….

(Published- 3rd jan 2015)

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